Integrated Systems Testing (IST)

Integrated Systems Testing—commonly referred to as IST—is the testing of fire protection and life safety systems which integrate with each other. The purpose is IST is to test the integrated function of two or more interconnected systems; where each individual engineer or contractor will test their specific systems, IST looks to test the functionality of those systems together. 

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Winter is Coming

Designing HVAC Systems for Every Season

Mechanical engineers and designers in cold climate regions refer to published climactic data from sources such as ASHRAE to design the HVAC system. The peak ambient heating and cooling temperatures, based on building location, are then used to size the system and terminal equipment for peak loads. However, the designer must also consider how ambient temperatures cycle through seasons creating extreme part loads and design systems flexible enough to effectively heat and cool the building year-round while maintaining thermal comfort of the occupants. In addition to fluctuating ambient temperatures and accommodation of extreme part loads, the design must also consider how solar loads impact different faces of the building and whether neighboring zones may call for heating and cooling concurrently.

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